Danny Beck "Ready To Run" Santa Fe Locomotives

I intended this package to be as "ready to run" as possible, so new players could use these models without modification to work. Danny's original models can be found here (https://www.trainsim.com/forums/filelib-search-fileid?fid=83521) and (https://www.trainsim.com/forums/filelib-search-fileid?fid=835730)

This set includes:
ATSF B40-8 7411 and 7449 (With ditchlights).
ATSF B40-8 7423 (With beacon light).
ATSF B40-8W 502.
ATSF C40-8W 944.
ATSF C44-9W 620 and 643.
ATSF F45 5971.
ATSF FP45 90 and 93.
ATSF GP30 2778.
ATSF GP35 2854.
ATSF GP35u 2838.
ATSF GP40X 3802.
ATSF GP50 3847.
ATSF GP60M 104.
ATSF GP60B 326.
ATSF SD40-2 5036 and 5038 (With nose-light, ditchlights)
ATSF SD40-2 5040 (With cab-light, beacon light)
ATSF SD40-2 5124 (With cab-light, beacon light, "snoot")
ATSF SD40-2 5126 (With nose-light, ditchlights, "snoot")
ATSF SD45 5379.
ATSF SD45-2 5683.
ATSF SD75M 242.
Sample consists for each locomotive type.
Simple open rails physics via include files.
Enhanced lighting effects for locomotives.


All requirements can be found in the file library at trainsim.com by typing the file name into the search engine.

The requirements are as follows (and this one has a lot!):
For sounds: mattfsounds.zip, mlw567d3.zip

For cabviews: emd_cab1.zip (Standard Cab Units), shrge-s1.zip (C40-8W, B40-8W), cabview_ge_d8_standard.zip (B40-8), emd_f45.zip (F45, FP45), shremdc4.zip (GP60M, SD75M), ac44d9cab.zip + ac44d9p11.zip (C44-9W)

Optional Requirements:
atsf_502_tex_update.zip / atsf_tex_update.zip - Texture upgrades done by Parker Boots which really improve the look of these old units.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions:

  1. Extract this folder to your TRAINS folder.
  2. Your new locomotives are ready-to-run!

Additional Comments

Original model and textures by Danny Beck.
Original cabviews by Charlie Sibaja, Borislav Miletic, and Brad Bailey.
Original sounds by Matt Florack and Anthony Wood (Midwest Locomotive Works).
Original include files by Gerry Storey.

Repackaging by Unoriginal.

Tags: atchison-topeka-and-santa-fe atsf santa-fe


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11 May 2024
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