Metra Commuter Pack

FIRST OFF, this pack isn't finished, I will add more F59 numbers and more Bi-level numbers, the F59PHI is before Metra Repainted the F59PHI into their scheme.


3DT Surfliner Trainset. (F59PHI uses the AMTK f59 number 450) I included Jose Gonzalez and Mark Speer's Caltrain (Now Metra) Bi-level cars so you don't have to go find and wait for the download to finish.
Need Shape File Manager to uncompress the Shape file to edit it.

Installation Instructions

Put the F59PHI Files in 3DTrains_Surfliner and make a folder to put the Bi-levels in, then put the Bi-levels in the folder. Next, in 3DTrains_Surfliner, Make a copy of F59PHI_450.s and name it " Metra_ex-AMTK_88 " Use SFM to uncompress Metra_ex-AMTK_88 , once you've done that open it with Notepad or WordPad, then use "Find" search for ( .ace ) and you will find some texts that will look like F59PHI_A_450, F59PHI_C_450 and so on. For F59PHI_450 A, C and D, make them read ( .dds ) instead of .ace . Now for the Bi-levels, no need for editing, I included them in the pack already edited! I hope this pack satisfies your Metra needs, if you need MORE help, Just DM me on Discord ( Rose_ville#9689 ) Hope you enjoy the pack!

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Avatar of amtrakfan90201
amtrakfan90201 18 Jun 2021

I can't get the PHI working nor can I read the read me it is all in Chinese writing

Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 13 Jul 2021

Try translating what I mean is copy and paste the whole readme writing and paste it on translate

Avatar of amtrakfan90201
amtrakfan90201 13 Jul 2021

I tried it doesn't translate

Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 15 Jul 2021

So then that is a problem, it has to be updated

Avatar of amtrakfan90201
amtrakfan90201 15 Jul 2021


Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 6 Aug 2021

I just downloaded it, and for the gallery cars it is in english

Avatar of amtrakfan90201
amtrakfan90201 6 Aug 2021

but not the F59PHI

Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 6 Aug 2021

Oh yeah, that too

Avatar of alextiganuprajit
alextiganuprajit 21 Aug 2023

who can tuto for this

Avatar of buliderman
buliderman 16 Sep 2022


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Aces's TS mods 3 Nov 2022


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