3DTrains Pacific Surfliner Soundset (kind of)

A small soundset with some updated horns and bells with some quills added in


3DTrains Pacific Surfliner trainsets (these can be also used on some other ps equipment but it will need some file editing).

Installation Instructions

Remember to back up your files as to not lose them. Just drag and drop these files into 3DTrains_Surfliner in you TRAINS directory.

Additional Comments

NOTE: Some files may be added for good measure (Just so i dont forget any files)

Tags: cdtx


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Avatar of MC513's TS Mods
MC513's TS Mods one year ago

Credit for the horns in description please! Good job BTW!

Avatar of Rose_ville_1995
Rose_ville_1995 one year ago

oh sorry, Yea i was in a rush right then, credit to MC513 for the sounds!

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