Version 1.19: improvements to subscriptions

  • Written by Alex
  • Published 7 months ago
  • Last updated 7 months ago

With release 1.19 of the website, which has just gone live, it's now possible to subscribe to a specific user. In addition to that, you can automatically star any mod you download from this site so you'll stay up to date.

Subscribe to a user

By subscribing to a user, you will get a notification whenever they publish or update a mod on this website. You'll also get notified when they're listed as a collaborator for a mod.

You can subscribe to a user by going to their profile page and clicking the Subscribe button on the top right.

Automatically star a mod when you download it

If you want to stay up to date, you can now automatically star any mod you download from this website. This is an opt-in feature which can be enabled from your account settings page.

Control the amount of notifications you get

You can control which, how and how often the TSC mods website delivers notifications to you by specifying your preferences on the notifications page in the account settings page.

Got feedback?

These features would not have come into existance without your input, so thank you for that! If you have an idea on how this site could be improved, feel free to log it on our feedback site or by reaching out to us on our Discord server.