Release 1.28: blocking users

  • Written by Alex
  • Published 30 Dec 2023
  • Last updated 13 Feb 2024

Hello there and welcome to the 28th iteration of the Train Sim Community website. In this update, long requested functionality to block users has been added to the website.

You can block someone by going to their profile, clicking the arrow to the right of 'Subscribe', and then clicking 'Block'. If you were subscribed to them, this will automatically unsubscribe you. Blocked people won't be able to respond to your mods (where you're either the author or a collaborator) and you won't get any notifications from them either.

Furthermore, I have done some under the hood optimisations. The website now runs on .NET 8, and I hope to have tackled a long-standing issue where the website gradually slows down over time until it crashes and restarts (but no promises!).

With all that said, let me wish you a wonderful 2024!