Version 1.15: starring, dependency management, and more!

Written by Alex · Published 7 months ago · Last updated 7 months ago

Welcome to version 1.15 of the Train Sim Community mods website. This release contains several new features which we hope you will enjoy.

Here's what's new:

  • Starring
    You can now star a mod, by clicking the ⭐️ icon on a mod's page. By starring a mod, it lands on your starred mods page in the My TSC area of our site, and you will be informed when a starred mods gets updated. Don't want a notification? Turn it off here.
  • Dependency management
    If your mod depends on other mods published on this site, it's now gotten easier to highlight those dependencies. When submitting or updating a mod, simply scroll down to the Dependencies section and add the other mods there. You'll even get notified when a dependency gets withdrawn.
  • Revamped homepage
    Ever since we started the TSC mods website, the homepage hasn't really been changed much. New features were added to it over time, but were crammed into the rightmost sidebar. The new layout of the homepage gives more exposure to the mods on the website, and now exposes suggestions made on our feedback website.
  • A wider website
    As you might have noticed already, the website has grown a bit wider on widescreen monitors. This lets us make better use of the available screen real estate.

Other than that, this release contains various bug fixes and performance improvements.

What do you think?

We're always eager to hear your feedback! Please head over to our feedback site if you have any ideas or issues, or join our Discord server and tag @Alexandr#1337.