Trains are everywhere

I try my best to make my mods sound good in my spare time. My recordings will usually come from the actual train or vehicles that are part of the same family. The thumbnails for my mods are an indicator of where I went to find these trains and record them. In the UK, train travel can be really expensive unfortunately.

We all see and hear different things

It takes time to improve a mod based on feedback or things I already know are wrong, but mods will be updated eventually.

I have hundreds of audio recordings which I may upload to my YouTube channel for the enjoyment of others and myself. They likely won't have a meaningful motion picture to go with them because recording video and dedicated audio at the same time is a big hassle onboard public transport - but I will take photos for show.

The community makes mods for trains from around the world

Audio editing is my main hobby, and TSW mods is simply something that can come out of it. I can do editing for other people or explain ways of making good audio out of samples.

If you have TSW for PC, why not take a look at some of my mods? You might like it.