Hiya! I'm Nagi!
I'm one of the people behind the iR Simulation/Modding team and nowadays the main developer of the iR TSW mods. I mostly do everything by myself, be it making/editing textures, sounds or even 3D models. My output varies a lot and usually depends on my mental wellbeing but also the situation in general, school being one factor for that. (And yes, I'm still in school.)
Either way, I also sometimes tend to start projects but never really finish them, however I try my best to at least bring them to a state where I can release them. I also try to make my stuff as good/realistic as possible, so that's another thing that can slow down progress a bit. However, sometimes I also manage to do a lot of progress relatively quickly, so it's not always a long while between releases.

Otherwise, enjoy my mods and see you soon!
~ Nagi

If you wish to contact me, you can do so via the TSC discord, just ping me there!. In case you want to learn about TSW modding, I've written up a guide which should be in those links as well.

UTC+1 | EN | she/her