Hello - welcome to my profile! Pull up a chair¹, sit around the camp fire, put a leg up, have a lay down, sit back and grab a piping hot mug of cocoa and grab a second, comfier, chair² to enjoy a few of my hand crafted locomotive and rolling stock liveries for Train Sim World 2® AND NOW Train Sim World 3® :D . I have quite a lot in the works and honestly more done than uploaded because I also spend an amount of time researching the locomotives and their liveries in order to bring you a front and center chair³ to the who, what, when, where, and why that some of these livereis and companies deserve! I also tend upload liveries a little bit sooner to the Creators Club — PvtMiller #6520 — so be sure to check them out there aswell. :)

I also take neat screenshots in the game with the help from the reshade mod 👍

Like this one ->

Or this too if you can ignore the lack of rails ->

OOh and this ones my favorite :) ->