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My First Community Post

Hello, I want to talk about what I have planned for TSW3,
I want to learn how to use the Scenario Planner, I have a lot of plans for scenarios, like some classic GWE scenarios with 47's, 166, 101 and HST. But with the current system it looks like a bit of a hassle to do, so until TSW3 comes out, I hope the UI will be improved

Moving onto liveries, I plan to make at least one more livery on TSW2 before I move over to TSW3, I will also not be getting TSW3 early on the 2nd as I see no point of spending a extra £30 for some trashy stickers that Muff will instantly crack open with a mod or paying for a American route I won't play along with paying for the same route I already bought, SEHS.

Thank you for coming to my very very short TED Talk.