Improve Dash9 Textures (Searchlight Simulations Compatible Only)

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This is an improvement on the Default Dash9 Textures, fixing the color to look more accurate and replacing the alpha channel with a solid black block to remove the glossiness. Included are three Custom Horns to go with each railroad.


BNSF Dash 9 Loco Add-On
GE 7FDL16 Enhancement Pack from Searchlight Simulations

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Improve Dash9 Textures (Searchlight Simulations Compatible Only).zip 51 MB · Added 15 May 2021 · Downloaded 1,738×


Avatar of Wisconsin Train Sim TV

Any plans for CN?

Avatar of Brandon Railfan
Brandon Railfan 27 May 2021

Awesome! Is it fine with you if I reupload the FakeBonnet retexture but with ATSF lettering instead?

Avatar of Monchito5
Monchito5 27 May 2021

@Brandon Railfan go for it

Avatar of LP
LP 28 Oct 2021

Is there anywhere I can contact you? I'd like to be able to either upload upscaled versions of these textures or get them included with this pack.

Avatar of Monchito5
Monchito5 29 Oct 2021

go for it, no problem at all

Avatar of LP
LP 29 Oct 2021

Awesome cheers lad

Avatar of DistantCase
DistantCase 3 Nov 2021

yoo yoo yoo! LP your textures have realistic looking stuff to them! Thanks for the work and can't wait for future items!!!!

Avatar of LP
LP 19 Nov 2021

I think you posted to the wrong file but thank you anyway

Avatar of BritishRail60062
BritishRail60062 9 Mar 2023

Superb work. Far better than the default paint.

Avatar of EvoStarIX
EvoStarIX 21 Mar 2023

good repaints, just wish there was a CN in this as well, but you can always get that from trurail.

Avatar of AC4400CW
AC4400CW 28 Oct 2023

can you please tell us how you improved the textures

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