JR/SS SD40-2´s SP #7322 & #7323

This Pack includes two static numbered (7322 and 7323) and weathered SP "SD40R" repaints.

Due to not having the exact models in this game they are still SD40-2´s but in real life those units were SD40R´s.

#7323 is based on the BN Strobes configuration with disabled function of the strobes.

#7322 is based on the BN Prime Beacon configuration.


In order for this repaint to work, you must have the JR/SS SD40-2 Burlington Northern Bundle and the NS Maersk engine!



Installation Instructions

1.Drag the included "Assets" folder into your main Railwork directory, example path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

2.Copy all the ".GeoPcDx" files from the BN "Engine" folder, path:


...and paste the files into the SP-7322 & SP-7323 "Engine" folders.

3.Copy all the ".GeoPcDx" files from the BN "Cabview" folder, path:


...and paste them into the SP-7322 & SP-7323 "Cabview" folders.

4.Copy the file "JRSD40-2_NS_Maersk.GeoPcDx" from the NS_Maersk folder, path:


...and paste it into the SP-7322 & SP-7323 "Engine" folders.

  1. Copy the folder called "Scripts" from the "BN" folder and paste it into the "SP-7322 & SP-7323" folders.

  2. Copy the files "serial.dat" and "key.dat" from the BN folder into each SP folder.

  3. Now u are ready to go.

Additional Comments

This project was done in collaboration between Ray Preyma (The Batman) and me.

Also big thanks to my friend Dominic Hinson who helped finding and fixing some errors. They are still not 100% accurate but this is the final result y´all get, enjoy them engines! :)

Tags: jonasson-bacon jrss sd40-2 searchlight-simulations southern-pacific


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