JR/SS EMD SD40-2 CP #5865 V3

This is a update version 3 of Batmans and mine CPR "Pacman" (5865) SD40-2 repaint.

Changes are:
Now fixed to work with the BNSF Bundle Version
I used the BNSF exBN 01 base model from the JR/SS BNSF Bundle.
texture map fix to go with the new SD40-2 model.

You now have a more realistic repaint because of the new model is giving us operable ditchlights and the Nose headlight.

This engine is marked as V3 so that you can still have the old and new one installed.

This project was done in colleboration between Ray Preyma (The Batman) and me.

Big Thank you to Peter Burton for help with some of the textures (window frames, visors and Nose Rails) and testing this repaint.


In order for this repaint to work, you need to have one Free and one Payware addon installed:

-Searchlight Simulations NATHAN K3L - CP horn: (Currently not Available)

-The JR/SS BNSF SD40-2 Bundle:

Installation Instructions

  1. Drag the included "Assets" folder into your main Railwork directory, usually can be found here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

  2. Copy the files "Child_JRSD40-2_BNSF_Main_Ex-BN_01" and "JRSD40-2_BNSF_Ex-BN_01".GeoPcDx from the BNSF_Ex-BN_01 "Engine" folder, path:


    ...and paste the files into the CP-5865-V3 "Engine" folder.

  3. Copy all the ".GeoPcDx" files from the BNSF_Ex-BN_01 "Cabview" folder, path:


    ...and paste them into the CP-5865-V3 "Cabview" folder.

  4. Copy the folder called "Scripts" from the BNSF_Ex-BN_01 folder and paste it into the CP-5865-V3 folder,


  5. Now you should be fine to run this engine in your game.

  6. NOTE: Copying of the Serial.dat and key.dat file is not needed in this case because they only have to be in the BNSF_H1 folder.

Additional Comments

There is a second download file called "CP-5865-V3 ORIGINAL BNSF HORN"
This mod will simply give you the K3LA horn of the BNSF Bundle back in case you dont have or want the SS K3L horn.

Tags: 5865 canadian-pacific emd jointedrail jonasson-bacon sd40-2 searchlight-simulations


CP-5865-V3 ORIGINAL BNSF HORN.rar 13 KB · Added 11 Feb 2022 · Downloaded 133× CP-5865-V3.rar 69 MB · Added 11 Feb 2022 · Downloaded 172×


Avatar of IC 9612
IC 9612 12 Feb 2022

Are u making a Illinois Central JRSD40-2?

Avatar of Jonasson Bacon
Jonasson Bacon 12 Feb 2022

I cannot say if i will or not. I have "alot to do" right now updating some repaints to the BNSF Bundle and also have more CP´s in the pipeline. It going slow af because i have rare time for that.

Avatar of pooch
pooch 25 Mar 2022

I installed the new Searchlight Simulation update for the BNSF and AC 4400CW lat night and now this unit doesn't work, it shows up but don't move , it's gibbled, wonder what the issue is??

Avatar of Devo_Buddy
Devo_Buddy 24 Apr 2022

Is it possible for you to make one with Autonumbers?

Avatar of Jonasson Bacon
Jonasson Bacon 30 Apr 2022

My liveries represent only certain genuine units and are painted from pictures of the real condition of the loco in terms of weathering, so no auto numbering will be done by me.
You still can do that by yourself by editing the numbers.dcsv files.

Avatar of Doni
Doni 11 May 2022

you should make a dual flags one and a modern one.

Avatar of Devo_Buddy
Devo_Buddy 1 Aug 2022

Yea, I would like that

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