UP AC4400CW Clean + Searchlight Simulations Headlight Flare Upgrade

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With the Release of the AC4400 from DTG, I decided to fix the Textures aswell as improve the Number Font. This Pack includes 4 Custom K3LAs, two which are provided from my friend Mateo, Good thanks to him for providing such amazing horns, Check out his page: The RailWorks Shop

I provided the Healight Flare Replacements aswell, make sure you own the Freeware MLW GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack in order for them to work

The Revamp set of this engines will require this Pack for the Horns and Headlight Upgrade


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Avatar of Brandon Railfan
Brandon Railfan 1 Jul 2021

better than my K3LA lol

Avatar of MC513's TS Mods
MC513's TS Mods 10 Jul 2021

Nice job!

Avatar of TunnelMotor666
TunnelMotor666 8 Feb 2023

I'm still a bit confused on how to install this. What am I moving into the Railworks Asset folder? The files labeled UP -(Flag - Clean) and etc? I just don't want to screw it up haha

Avatar of BritishRail60062
BritishRail60062 11 days ago

From my observations. This is a standalone pack as you will need to copy over the Geo files. But backup first before installing.

Avatar of BritishRail60062
BritishRail60062 11 days ago

Nice pack. Thanks for uploading. Hope to see a BNSF one in the future.

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