UP AC4400CW Revamp

This pack will require my first Pack of AC4400s for the Horns and the Headlight Flare Upgrade. The set contains two variants of each UP Scheme, Dirty and Used textures aswell as a replacement for the Default Textures.


My first Set of AC4400CWs for the Horns and Flares: https://mods.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c1-train-simulator/c10-reskins/c25-north-american/c27-locomotives/i1204-up-ac4400cw-clean-searchlight-simulations-headlight-flare-upgrade
Tehachapi Pass: Mojave - Bakersfield Route Add-On: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1560935/Train_Simulator_Tehachapi_Pass_Mojave__Bakersfield_Route_AddOn/
MLW GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack for the Headlight Flares: https://www.store.searchlight-simulations.com/ge-gevo-12-enhancement-pack

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