SP AC4400CW + Searchlight Simulations Headlight Flare Upgrade

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This Pack includes 2 SP Engines aswell as a Patch SP Unit with Weathered textures. This Pack includes 3 Custom Horns, the P3 and RS3L are provided by my friend Mateo, Good thanks to him for providing such amazing horns, Check out his page The RailWorks Shop: https://sites.google.com/view/therailworksshop/home?fbclid=IwAR3ZgUfPAcCg0p6WiijXd20z07OLtJX3EjV8SY_qOdwSU3z-zLpJaQxU43s

I provided the Healight Flare Replacements aswell, make sure you own the Freeware MLW GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack in order for them to work


Tehachapi Pass: Mojave - Bakersfield Route Add-On: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1560935/Train_Simulator_Tehachapi_Pass_Mojave__Bakersfield_Route_AddOn/
MLW GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack for the Headlight Flares: https://www.store.searchlight-simulations.com/ge-gevo-12-enhancement-pack

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Is there any plans to do CNW AC44s or Dash 9s?

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Could you do a CSX Pack using this AC44CW? Mainly YN2, 3, and 3B?

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LP 8 Jan 2022

The SP logo could do with a bit of anti-aliasing, otherwise it's great

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