Union Pacific C44-9W Pack (SS Only) Fixed

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Includes three of the main liveries of Union Pacific as well as a Weathered Unit. Also comes with three custom Searchlight Simulations K3LA's


GE 7FDL16 Enhancement Pack from Searchlight Simulations: https://www.store.searchlight-simulations.com/ge-7fdl16-enhancement-pack
BNSF Dash 9 Loco Add-On: https://store.steampowered.com/app/208356/Train_Simulator_BNSF_Dash_9_Loco_AddOn/

Installation Instructions

In the Readme

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Avatar of Daniel90008(loanf)
Daniel90008(loanf) 11 Jan 2021

i have all the packs installed and i just can't controll it

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

The 3rd person view of the Units will not load

Avatar of calebdphillips1989

The locomotives won't show up

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 13 Jun 2021

horn doesn't work

Avatar of calebdphillips1989
calebdphillips1989 18 Jun 2021

I'm still having trouble getting the engines to show up. Not even the couplers are showing up.

Avatar of Dragnaath
Dragnaath 19 Jun 2021

Glass textures are missing or corrupt in mine. They show up with weird reflections .

Avatar of Spartacus40c
Spartacus40c 30 Jul 2021

Thank you for making these, but I'm sorry could we have these in 4k quality? and yes they don't work

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

The Driver versions don't show up

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

as in the 3rd person view doesn't load

Avatar of Kommandant
Kommandant 6 Mar 2022

Just letting you know that chrome blocks this download for some reason

Avatar of Ranexz_Official
Ranexz_Official 26 Feb 2023

it said dash-9 pack and in the read me it was donner pass, THE PROBLEM IS THAT I DONT HAVE DONNER PASS !

Avatar of gunnyboy
gunnyboy 23 Jun 2023

its a miracle how you even got your version to work because mine does not make a single sound

Avatar of _Jakub243_
_Jakub243_ 19 hours ago

couplers are bugging

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