Brownsville & Rio Grande TruRail SD70Ace

Thanks for downloading my BRG SD70ACe


You must own

  1. Train Simulator: SD70 V2 Volume 2 Loco Add-On from steam
  2. TruRail Simulation BNSF SD70ACe
  3. Searchlight Simulations EMD 16N-710G3C Enhancement Pack

Installation Instructions

  1. Drag and drop the Assets folder into the RailWorks and overwrite when prompted.
  2. Copy "SD70ACe_BNSF_Whisper.GeoPcDx" from
    and paste it in
  3. Copy "sd70cab.GeoPcDx" from
    and paste it in
  4. Copy "SD70 EngineScript_Iso.out" from
    and paste it in

Additional Comments

I want to thank Trurail Simulation for letting me use their Sd70ACe model to repaint so i would like to give a credit to them for this marvelous piece of work

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