NS SD70M Pack

Norfolk Southern EMD SD70Ms for the Sherman Hill Model Searchlight Simulations 16N-710G3B Enhancement Compatible


Installation Instructions

Instructions in the included .txt file

Tags: emd sd70 sd70m searchlight-simulations sherman-hill


NS SD70M Pack.zip 22 MB · Added 21 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 523×


Avatar of [Abandoned] Simon L. Davidson And Friends(And Csx Trains Too!) Simulations

Can You Also Make These Sd70m's In The Livonia Sd70m Model?

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 22 Nov 2021

cant you just convert the textures

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 23 Nov 2021


Avatar of AmtrakFan2115
AmtrakFan2115 16 May 2022

Mind if I release a patch that makes the ditch lights on your units flash?

Avatar of Switch Point Simulations

go ahead man

Avatar of MrMeepzMax
MrMeepzMax 6 Apr 2024

how long has it been by then? Still not here.

Avatar of CHEVROLET77
CHEVROLET77 13 Apr 2024

would love to have that ditchlight patch

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