Searchlight/ Jointed Rail NS SD40-2 Expansion pack V1

This is the 1st version of the NS SD40-2 expantion pack more may come at a later date

The list of included locomotives is as follows

NS ex CR with ptc
NS ex Leased (34XX) with ptc
NS ex NW(16XX/60XX/61XX/62XX)
All those without PTC and N&W SD40-2 low noses with green red and white classification flags and one without flags
The NS Ex NW ones have long hood bells and the normal NW one has a long hood bell as well as a custom reverse mounted RS5T made by me
They also have their respective horn sounds
The NS ones have p5s and the NW one has a killer RS5T and the Conrail ones still have their original RS3L

This pack has been in development for about 2 months at the time of release


Searchlight Simulations NS SD40-2 Pack (Not avalable as of 7/21/22)

Installation Instructions

Thanks for downloading the High Ditchlight Mod to the Searchlight Simulations/Jointed Rail NS SD40-2!

This pack requires the NS/Conrail SD40-2 Bundle from Searchlight Simulations

Searchlight Simulations Norfolk Southern SD40-2 Pack:
(Not avalable as of 07/21/2022)

The Ditchlight stand, RS5T, Bell and flag models and textures are done by me and are NOT to be distributed or used for profit (freeware mods like repaints are fine)


NS High DL
NS Ex NW Yard
NS Ex NW Thoroughbred

Copy the Assets folder and paste it in your railworks directiory (commonly found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks)

Copy EVERY .GeoPcDx file from RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\NS\Engine

And paste those in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\NS_High_Ditchlights\Engine

Copy EVERY .GeoPcDx file from RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\NS\CabView

And paste those in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\NS_High_Ditchlights\CabView

(there should be 20 .GeoPcDx files)

NW 01

Copy EVERY .GeoPcDx file from RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\CR\Engine

And paste those in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\NW 01\Engine

Copy EVERY .GeoPcDx file from RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\CR\CabView

And paste those in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\EMD\JRSD40-2\RailVehicles\Diesel\NW 01\CabView

As for my models you dont have to do anything all the files are included and are located in the STRC folder in assets

I do NOT claim ownership of the SD40-2 models. Those are property of Searchlight Simulations however the Ditchlight stand child objects are property of STRC (me)

Shoot me an email should you run into any issues at or mesage me on facebook

Shoot me an email should you run into any issues at

Revised 07/21/2022

Additional Comments


i worked hard on these and i do not want them posted anywhere as payware this must repain as freeware

Tags: jointedrail searchlight-simulations


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Kcsouthern32 23 Jul 2022

Now this is what i call Modern History. great job gang!

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NSATL2022 24 Jul 2022

i see what you this pack is excellent now lets crank out them highnose we been waitinting a long time i see you got them in the works just hope they on the regular ss ns sd40-2 platform because everyone didnt by the bundle cant wait though my man you on the GO NOW

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Aces's TS mods 23 Oct 2022

metrolink ribbons f59phi

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Aces's TS mods 14 Nov 2022

pls make one

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ChillsN'Thrills 20 Jun 2023

Does this still work, if you don't have that bundle?

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