KCS SD45_2

Thanks for downloading my KCS ex TFM SD45


you must own DTM's SD45-UP Loco DLC either from Sherman Hill or purchased alone from steam

Installation Instructions

1.Drag and drop the assets fold into the Railworks folder

2.Go into the UP SD45 folder and copy the SD45_UP.geo file and place it into the FNM Engine folder

Additional Comments

Also added the K5H Horn


KCS SD45_2.zip 69 MB · Added 28 Nov 2020 · Downloaded 222×


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BedrockDroid 24 Mar 2022

There's no UP SD45 that comes with Sherman Hill. I've bought the $100+ Sherman Hill collection from Steam for TS 2021 and I've never seen a Union Pacific SD45 come with it. Here's the list of dlc in the collection I bought:

Train Simulator: Sherman Hill Route Addon
Train Simulator: Union Pacific Challenger Loco Addon
Train Simulator: Union Pacific Big Boy Loco Addon
Train Simulator: GP40-2 Loco Pack Addon
Train Simulator: Union Pacific SD70Ace Loco Addon
Train Simulator: Southern Pacific Cab Forward Loco Addon
Train Simulator: Battle For Sherman Hill Addon

This is the entire Battle For Sherman Hill Collection Bundle. There's no Union Pacific SD45 Loco Addon that comes with Sherman Hill. There is a Union Pacific SD45 is a dlc that can be purchased separately for the Sherman Hill Route, but it never comes with any bundles that the Sherman Hill route is featured in as far as I know. Just wanted to let you know that, other than that the reskin looks nice, but I haven't tried it yet btw.

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Kcsouthern32 26 Mar 2022

you need go back and look at the installment requirements and you will see it used DTM SD45 I don't remember saying the Sherman hill. as well Sherman does have a SD45 that comes with it under DTM I never said you had to purchase Sherman Hill correction I said either the SD45 from Sherman hill or DTM big difference

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HTR Simulations 10 Jul 2023

damn, you got a lot. you should've bought the UP SD45 dlc

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