NREX #4403 SD40-2 (ex UP, ex CP)

ex UP & CP NREX leasing locomotive for Train Simulator 20XX

Still new to repainting so any tips and feedback is welcomed! :)


Searchlight Simulations UP SD40-2 (temporarily unavailable)

Installation Instructions

Found in .zip file

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NREX 40 MB · Added 15 Jan 2022 · Downloaded 199×


Avatar of IronSet
IronSet 15 Jan 2022

The SD40-2 is available, here.

Avatar of Zach H
Zach H 15 Jan 2022

That's the BNSF SD40 pack, that does not give you the UP ones. The UP ones are not available, like the author stated.

Avatar of LP
LP 15 Jan 2022

that's not the correct SD40 pack

Avatar of IronSet
IronSet 15 Jan 2022

Oh, I didn't know they were 2 different packs. My Bad.

Avatar of LP
LP 15 Jan 2022

4 Different packs actually lol

Avatar of James Trifolium
James Trifolium 15 Jan 2022

Why do railroad companies always do such a crap job of painting over imagery and logos?

Avatar of LP
LP 15 Jan 2022

No real reason to do them properly

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 18 Jan 2022

Probably cost, however, makes locos look interesting

Avatar of LP
LP 18 Jan 2022

^ this

Avatar of iliiketrains
iliiketrains 28 Oct 2023

Was a perfect fit for my abandoned railroad route. Would recommend to others.

Avatar of Northeast Trains


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