CEFX ex UP SD40-2

ex UP CEFX leasing locomotive for Train Simulator 20XX


Searchlight Simulations UP SD40N (temporarily unavailable)

Installation Instructions

Included in .zip file

Tags: lease-unit sd40-2


CEFX ex UP.zip 41 MB · Added 15 Jan 2022 · Downloaded 175×


Avatar of Jonasson Bacon
Jonasson Bacon 17 Jan 2022

Broo your repaints are crisp

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 18 Jan 2022

Haha thanks man!

Avatar of Spartacus40c
Spartacus40c 19 Jan 2022

I have the early version not Searchlight Simulations SD40-2, This one rocks! Great Job!

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 20 Jan 2022

Thank you!

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