Kansas City Southern SW1500 Grey Ghost

My KCS EMD SW1500 Switcher i found on my old computer, hope you enjoy it.


You must own the Train Simulator: SW1500 Switcher Loco Add-On for this repaint to work.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the zip file and extract the file from the zip.
    2.Copy and paste the Assets folder to your Raikworks folder.
  2. Copy the GeoPCDX file from the BN engine folder.
  3. Paste the Geo.file in the KCS engine folder.

Additional Comments

Also i added my driver with green safety vest if you dont wont your driver with the orange vest.

Just open the (Safety Vest For Driver) folder and copy the Textures folder and paste it in the SW1500Pack01 default driver folder. This is only if you want to change the orange safety vest on the driver. Make sure you back-up your original file for your driver textures!

any questions email me at Jakareythomas1988@gmail.com



EMD SW1500 KCS Switcher.rar 13 MB · Added 16 Mar 2022 · Downloaded 106×


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16 Mar 2022
16 Mar 2022
Train Simulator Classic
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KCS - Kansas City Southern