Amtrak Empire Service P32ACDM

This mod adds Amtrak's Phase III Empire Service P32ACDMs, with the retrofitted nose hatch. More information and history on the locomotive, paint scheme, and Empire Service can be found in the included manual.


Required to use this mod pack is the Metro-North P32 AC-DM 'Genesis' Loco Add-On, available on Steam. This reskin is not compatible with the P32AC-DM that is included with the Hudson Line.

Not required, but very highly recommended for a good experience;
Hudson Line: New York – Croton-Harmon Route Add-On
There's an extended version of the Hudson Line on the Steam Workshop that extends this route all the way up to Albany
FanRailer’s P32ACDM Physics and Sound Patch
trinancrat’s OpenNEC mod
Amfleet I Enhancement Pack

Installation Instructions

  1. Drag and drop the “Assets” folder into your Railworks directory (Usually found in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Railworks)
  2. Go inside the Assets folder in your Railworks directory, and locate
    “EmpireService_P32_InstallMe.bat”, double click to launch the file
  3. The .bat file should automatically copy over all the required files, and delete itself
    ,as well as “7za.exe”, when completed

Additional Comments

chihaeru for the original P32ACDM Hudson Line reskin, for which they allowed me to
do some final polishing and release
MattJ who provided the P32 headlight flares, copious tech support, promo screenshots,
as well as the installation .bat file

Tags: amtrak empire-service p32acdm

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mec7898 12 days ago

The sripting makes the trip north of albany impossible restricting to 15 which I find is dumb

Avatar of Amtrak MARC CSX
Amtrak MARC CSX 23 hours ago

Can You Do Create Amtrak 40th Anniversary Pack P42DC & P40DC Trurail Simulations P42DC Enhancement Pack

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