VIA Rail Renaissance Car Pack

Repaint of the VIA Rail Renaissance railcars. Paint schemes for Coach and Sleeper cars only.


Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack on Steam

The European Community Asset Pack is aimed at users creating and using independently developed content.

Installation Instructions

Step 1:
Unzip this file to your desktop (or any other temporary location).

Step 2:
Move the folder titled “Renaissance” to the following directory: RailWorks/Assets/Kuju/Rail-

Step 3:
Go to the following folder: RailWorks/Assets/Kuju/RailSimulator/RailVehicles/Diesel/HST/Default/
Mk3TFO and copy the “mk3tfo_ic.GeoPcDx” file.

Step 4:
Go to the newly copied RailWorks/Assets/Kuju/RailSimulator/RailVehicles/Diesel/HST/Renaissance/
Mk3TFO folder and paste it there.

Step 5:
Test it out in Train Simulator. It will appear under the name “VIA Renaissance Coach”.


Tags: mark-iii-coach renaissance-car via-rail


VIA_Renaissance_Coach.7z 963 KB · Added 18 Oct 2022 · Downloaded 99×

Old file (I cannot seem to delete it)

VIA_Renaissance_Coach.7z 966 KB · Added 26 Mar 2023 · Downloaded 47×

Updated file


Avatar of Ranexz_Official
Ranexz_Official 14 May 2023

We need an via rail loco for thoses

Avatar of Ranexz_Official
Ranexz_Official 14 May 2023

Without a loco, i wont ride it

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18 Oct 2022
26 Mar 2023
Train Simulator Classic
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