CN Yellowhead Pass V1.0.1

Welcome to modern day CN Albreda/Robson Sub!

Through the outstanding success in CPKC Columbia Mountains, I wanted to revive another good Canadian Route. Welcome to Yellowhead Pass! All the informarion you'll need is in the ReadMe file. This will need WAY less assets compared to CPKC. I hope you all enjoy!

Patch Note: 04/05/24 - Signal update at Redpass. Sadly for some reason, you'll still have to press tab to pass the signal on the North Track heading Westward


This is for majority of the route.

Tags: canada canadian-national canadiannationalrailway cn jasper redpass rocky-mountaineer trains upgrade valemount via-rail yellowhead-pass


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Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 21 Jul 2023

Is there an activity included and if so what is the name of the activity or activities?

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 21 Jul 2023

There’s no activities on this route

Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 21 Jul 2023

Is the AP Sky and Weather enhancement pack required or will the route function without it?

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 21 Jul 2023

It’ll work fine without it. Just be nice to have

Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 21 Jul 2023


Avatar of HTRS Simulations
HTRS Simulations 24 Jul 2023

do you have a discord account because i got a couple of things i want to talk about relating your amazing routes.

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 25 Jul 2023

Yeah, @ me on TSC Discord

Avatar of expiredfuel
expiredfuel 22 Oct 2023

Do I just put it in the Railworks folder? Nothing is working right.

Avatar of IC 9612
IC 9612 23 Oct 2023

Yes, drag and drop it in the railworks folder.

Avatar of mec7898
mec7898 18 Feb 2024

without ap sky it is all white how do i fix

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 28 Mar 2024

If your techy, you’ll have to go to the route properties and swap the weather back to Yellowhead

Avatar of JAH
JAH 2 Mar 2024

Thanks for the time and effort.

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 28 Mar 2024

Thank you :))

Avatar of The Batman
The Batman 3 Mar 2024

Love this route...we need scenario creators to please make some for this beauty...

Avatar of TheBrocc
TheBrocc 28 Mar 2024

I’d like too but I need more Canadian rolling stock. I have a couple in mind

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23 May 2024
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