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On a brisk autumn morning, handle Adriana County Railroad's Henderson - Marlane local with two ALCo C424s at hand. Refuel your power, plan out your consist, and work your way from Henderson to Marlane and back.


All requirements listed in the PDF document, make sure to read it!


Installation Instructions

Drag the “content” folder into your RailWorks directory.

Additional Comments

WARNING This scenario is long. It took me around five hours to complete from start to finish and will likely be even longer for others.

This scenario does not use the Train Simulator instructions aside from refuelling your locomotives and ending the scenario. Instead a work order is included of all the cars you will pick up and set out. You're required to figure out the best way to set up your train yourself. This is also my first time making a scenario, if anyone likes these kinds of scenarios please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE: Fixed hyperlink to the Searchight Simulations 23k tank cars and added Armstrong Powerhouse's Weather EP to requirements.

UPDATE 2: Found another hopper repaint used in this scenario, there's also an ATSF repaint that I cannot find the source to, so end users may have to swap it out with one, I'd recommend using LocoSwap for that.

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Avatar of Brickrail783
Brickrail783 10 Nov 2022

Interesting concept, I think I'll have to give ot a shot.

One problem though, it seems that the Searchlight 23k gallon tankers aren't available to download anymore, even from the archive site.

Avatar of Brickrail783
Brickrail783 10 Nov 2022

Ah, thank you!

Avatar of Brickrail783
Brickrail783 12 Nov 2022

Just started the scenario, and I've got a potential problem. The work order seems to indicate that there are cars to be picked up at "H4 UNION GRAIN", but there doesn't seem to be any cars at that location.

I haven't seen any messages from the game that say that there is missing stock, so I'm assuming that I'm misinterpreting the work order.

Avatar of griggs
griggs 14 Nov 2022

H4 Union Grain's the grain siding at Henderson in the second picture. There should be four PS 4750s there, if not then I don't know what's the problem, they're there on my end.

Avatar of Schnauzahpowahz
Schnauzahpowahz 13 Nov 2022

gettin the same as Brickrail, nothin at the first pickup. looks awesome tho otherwise, i'll just skip em

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