SS Metra MP36 Horn Pack And SS Flares

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Metra MP36 #426 K5LA and Bell
(NEW) K5LA recoreded from Metra MP36 #414
K5LA recorded from Metra MP36 #426
K5LA recorded from Metra MP36 #422
M5 recorded from Metra MP36 #405
K5LA recorded from Metra Mp36 #405
Searchlight Simulations headlight flares.
UPDATE 1.1: Now Includes Proxy files, Now includes SS flares on all healights.

UPDATE 1.2: Improved overall quality of sound: More echo when horn is released, Improved all horn loops to sound as close to real life and less computer sounding.

UPDATE 1.3: Added 2 more horns to make a pack.

UPDATE 1.4: Much requested that I change the Bells to not be Cab Car bells so here we are. Hope you enjoy these and leave a comment if these still arent good.

UPDATE 1.5: Added another K5LA and this one is a beauty. no cab car bells and never again.

UPDATE 1.6: Added 405's K5LA. This is the best one in this pack.


Installation Instructions

Watch this video for instructions:

Horn: Drag and drop the assets file into your railworks directory. Find MP36PHHornAndBellSound in the Caltrainassets.ap file (Assets\DTG\CalTrain). Open it in Ts-tools and change the directory to, SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series\Metra MP36 K5LA\K5LA_HornControl. If you need help go to youtube. If that doesnt work leave a comment.

Lights: Find the lights folder (CalTrainAssets.ap\RailVehicles\Lights) in the Caltrainassets.ap file (Assets\DTG\CalTrain) and drag the included light files into there.

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Avatar of The Batman
The Batman 30 Dec 2021

the address for TS Tools is ...this is the OFFICAL PAGE of the tools creator Mike Stimpson and it is account is required.

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 30 Dec 2021

The reason I put the other one is because the download links on that site don't work for me, I don't know about everyone.

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 13 Jan 2022

Do these work for the unbanded MARC mp36?

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 13 Jan 2022

They should work for any mp36. As long as it’s in the mp36 bin file

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 13 Jan 2022

well ok then

Avatar of Kommandant
Kommandant 15 Jan 2022

Searchlight has recently updated their site, now the GE GEVO-12 pack is up again

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 15 Jan 2022

good to see them back

Avatar of amtrakfan90201
amtrakfan90201 1 Feb 2022

I can't find the yotube video can i have some help please

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 3 Feb 2022

Yeah What do you need help with

Avatar of amtrakfan90201
amtrakfan90201 3 Feb 2022

trying to get the horn working and all that

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 4 Feb 2022

So first you download the file then go to your railworks directory usually (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks) and paste the Assets file in there. Then go to whatever locomotive you want to horn on and fine the horn.bin file it's different for every locomotive but for the MP36 its (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\DTG\CalTrain\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\MP36PH\External\Horn And Bell\Blueprints) or in the AP file found in (C:\Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\DTG\CalTrain) Or you can search for MP36PHHornAndBellSound.bin. Open it in TS tools and change the directory to SearchlightSimulations\NathanAirChimeK-series\Metra MP36 K5LA\K5LA_HornControl. If this confuses you then go to youtube and search how to change horns in train simulator

Avatar of NJT6050
NJT6050 28 Feb 2022

Racist bell in the MP36..
Seriously a Cab car Bell on the MP36??

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 5 Mar 2022

You can replace them if you want...
Also Metra uses the same bell on the cab cars and the MP36's

Avatar of aiden0928
aiden0928 26 Jul 2022

can you make an Metra F40PH Horn Pack 100 184?

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 27 Jul 2022

Ill look into it. Probably wont be for a bit because I'm very busy right now

Avatar of MrMeepzMax
MrMeepzMax 24 Jan 2023

Lights aren't changing for whatever reason.

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