SS CP 9718 Raised Letter K3HL

This SS horn is the horn from CP AC4400 #9718.
This is probably one of the best sounding horns ive made
The horn audio is from this video:

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ngc 1 Jan 2023

Your getting your numbers completely mixed up. The title says 9718, the photo on the mod has 9817, and the Youtube link has 9817 in the title even though its 9718 in the video.

For the record, CP 9718 is listed as having a narrow front K3L as of 11/7/2020

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MetraBoy 1 Jan 2023

i’ll fix the numbers. I know that it had a K3L as of that date but in the youtube video i put in the description it does not sound like a K3L. I’m just looking for what horn it is in that specific video.

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Zach H 2 Jan 2023

MetraBoy, a horn can be fouled or sound other than perfect/standard tuning for the horn without it being a different type. Only thing that changes type is the bell arrangement or manifold it sits on, not purely sound. Change in sound is what's referred to as "Sickness".

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MetraBoy 2 Jan 2023

So this would be a very fouled K3L then. I know that horns can change sound over time but this does not sound close to any K3 horn.

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Meta Boy that is a K3HL

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Zach H
your wrong bro i know this type of horn Its a K3HL and plus a K3L Wouldnt sound like a K3HL if it was Fouled it would sound like it just got all the Bells damaged

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aiden0928 5 Jan 2023

Works On SS Sounds?

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 6 Jan 2023

This is a SS horn

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 7 Jan 2023

This is horn is a Raised Letter K3HL!

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 8 Jan 2023

ok thank you so much!

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 9 Jan 2023

Youre welcome bro!

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KigK5LA_545 18 Mar 2023

I really like this RL K3HL

Avatar of MetraBoy
MetraBoy 31 Mar 2023

thank you

Avatar of Whippy
Whippy 23 Mar 2024

Hello and thank you, but I do not see any installation instructions. Would you please include that when time permits?

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