SS Nathan AirChime K5LA for the Amtrak GE P42DC

A new Searchlight Simulations-scripted Nathan AirChime K5LA for the Amtrak GE P42DC. This is an updated version of my older, outdated (and buggy) mod pack. The K5LA was taken from Amtrak P42DC #202, which is equipped with an E-bell. Although the proxys included are set up for the RSC 'Empire Builder' P42 add-on, you can run this horn on any locomotive by editing the 'HornSound' file path to read: RSC\P42Pack01\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\Cab\P42DC_Horn


Installation Instructions

Drag all included files to RSC\P42Pack01\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\P42DC\Cab
Overwrite if asked to do so. Note that this should wipe out any previous versions of this pack. Back up original files as you see fit in case you mess up
your dragging and dropping.

Tags: amtrak k5la p42dc

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6 Jan 2022
6 Jan 2022
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