MARC 7758 Single Level Cab Car K5LA

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Unzip MARC_7758 and copy and paste the folder into Assets\NJT_6050_SOUNDS
If you don't have my sounds folder NJT_6050_SOUNDS then create it
After you put the MARC_7758 folder in my sounds folder copy the notepads and paste them into Assets\DTG\FL9Pack01\Audio\RailVehicles\Passenger\Cab Car\Cab
and that's it


Train Simulator: New Haven FL9 Loco Add-On on Steam

The EMD FL9 was arguably one of the more unique locomotive designs ever conceived, but plied its trade on New York’s commuter lines for more than 40 years.Born from a drive to replace worn out and ageing ALCO DL109 and Boxcab Electric locomotives, New Haven president Patrick McGinnis ordered 60 of EMD’s FL9 locomotives in 1956 to operate...


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Avatar of Ace's TS mods
Ace's TS mods 23 Dec 2022

what other stuff will you uplaod

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 26 Dec 2022

yo i love the horn! was you planning to release NJT 4120's horn too? or nah

Avatar of NJT6050
NJT6050 5 Jan 2023


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Acela2000 12 Mar 2023

Can you do an AEM-7 horn pls

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