Bombardier Multilevel Sound Enhancement Pack

Sound and enhancement pack for Bombardier Multilevel coaches


DTG North Jersey Coast Line
DTG North Jersey Coast and Morristown Lines
DTG NEC: Washington to Baltimore
Fan Railer NJCL Mod Pack
Fan Railer NJT ALP-46 Mod Pack
Bagged Gamer ACES Multilevel
BVERailer NJT Heritage Multilevels
KTower MARC Multilevels

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract this package to a temporary location, such as your desktop.

  2. Run "RW_AssetSetup.exe" or place the folder "CentralJerseyRailfan to your "Assets" folder. For most users this will read as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\Assets".

  3. This pack automatically applies to all Bombardier MultiLevel coaches (NJT in NJCL/ALP46 packs; MARC in ALP46 pack) currently set up for use with Fan Railer's NJT mod packs. PLEASE back up your existing files in case you don't want to lose them AND make sure you have a full install of Fan Railer's NJCL and ALP-46 mod packs.

  4. Shortcuts have been provided in the DLC folders to allow easy swapping between horns. By default, the ML I horn applies to the ALP-46 version and the MLII horn applies to the NJCL version. Aliasing files for those who want to use the horns from TheAudioShack's payware Multilevel sound pack are also included.

ALP-46 mod:
ALP-45DP mod:


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