NS Heritage ES44's Weathered (Searchlight Simulations compatible only)

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This set includes Weathered versions of all Default NS HU ES44's, this engines are only Searchlight Simulations compatible only.


Norfolk Southern Heritage ES44ACs Loco Add-On
MLW GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack from Searchlight Simulations

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Avatar of Dragnaath
Dragnaath 7 months ago

Bell does not work for me. Does anyone have suggestion how to fix that? Thx

Avatar of CSXfan27
CSXfan27 5 months ago

This guy should really make a weathered NS SD70ACe Heritage pack. These look great!

Avatar of 0rzx
0rzx 3 months ago

Ayo I have a question... none of the weathered (with the exception of Conrail), has to CabView folder in there, only engine... I tried to just copy and paste the CabView alongside the other folders (Bogies, Commonscripts, etc.), but that didn't work... only the weatherd CR unti loads, the other weathered ones just appear with their couplers... any help>

Avatar of Monchito5
Monchito5 3 months ago

you dont need those files to copy, pretty much just the geo file from each engine onto the corresponding one

Avatar of 0rzx
0rzx 3 months ago

Yeah I got it, my b, I was pretty sleep deprived and lacking common sense... thanks for sharing this man, looks great!

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

yes Mon should make a weathered version of the NS SD70ACe Heritage pack

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