UP AC4400CW Clean + Searchlight Simulations Headlight Flare Upgrade

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With the Release of the AC4400 from DTG, I decided to fix the Textures aswell as improve the Number Font. This Pack includes 4 Custom K3LAs, two which are provided from my friend Mateo, Good thanks to him for providing such amazing horns, Check out his page: The RailWorks Shop

I provided the Healight Flare Replacements aswell, make sure you own the Freeware MLW GEVO-12 Enhancement Pack in order for them to work

The Revamp set of this engines will require this Pack for the Horns and Headlight Upgrade


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Avatar of Brandon Railfan
Brandon Railfan 1 Jul 2021

better than my K3LA lol

Avatar of MC513's TS Mods
MC513's TS Mods 10 Jul 2021

Nice job!

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