NS Operation Lifesaver SD40-2

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Norfolk Southern EMD SD40-2s painted in the Operation Lifesaver paint scheme


Searchlight Simulations Norfolk Southern SD40-2 Pack

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instructions in file

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Avatar of Railfanner365
Railfanner365 5 months ago

where did you grt the NS PS4750 hoppers that are in the thumbnail

Avatar of BedrockDroid
BedrockDroid one month ago

What happened to the SS BN and Norfolk Southern SD40/SD40-2 bundles? I can't find them in the SS store. I only found the CP AC4400CW and BNSF SD40/SD40-2 Bundle (which is finally not sold out)

Avatar of DieselMatt75
DieselMatt75 one month ago

The BN, NS, and UP SD40-2 packs are being overhauled to SS's current standards as stated on https://www.store.searchlight-simulations.com/development-index

Avatar of BedrockDroid
BedrockDroid one month ago

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

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