NREX #4403 SD40-2 (ex UP, ex CP)


ex UP & CP NREX leasing locomotive for Train Simulator 20XX

Still new to repainting so any tips and feedback is welcomed! :)


Searchlight Simulations UP SD40-2 (temporarily unavailable)

Installation Instructions

Found in .zip file

Tags: lease-unit sd40 sd40-2


NREX 40 MB · Downloaded 42×


Avatar of Apollyon
Apollyon 9 days ago

The SD40-2 is available, here.

Avatar of Zach H
Zach H 9 days ago

That's the BNSF SD40 pack, that does not give you the UP ones. The UP ones are not available, like the author stated.

Avatar of LP
LP 9 days ago

that's not the correct SD40 pack

Avatar of Apollyon
Apollyon 9 days ago

Oh, I didn't know they were 2 different packs. My Bad.

Avatar of LP
LP 9 days ago

4 Different packs actually lol

Avatar of Ace Clover
Ace Clover 9 days ago

Why do railroad companies always do such a crap job of painting over imagery and logos?

Avatar of LP
LP 9 days ago

No real reason to do them properly

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 7 days ago

Probably cost, however, makes locos look interesting

Avatar of LP
LP 6 days ago

^ this

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