ABStudios NS - KCS Containers

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This set includes scripts for NS and KCS Container loads. NS will mostly consist for NS 225 and 226 while KCS Consist for IATDA/IDAAT and any Intermodal trains bound for Houston, TX and Mexico


Freight Car Pack Vol. 1: https://airbournestudios4.wixsite.com/abstudios-rw/freight-car-pack-1

Installation Instructions

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Avatar of Clown
Clown 4 months ago

Ou, I love these, you should add some UP intermodals with like yang ming, k line, CR england, etc. Intermodals you get from the port.

Avatar of Jared
Jared 4 months ago

Yes I agree. Need some international containers now for these. I thought AB Studios were actually making them but haven't seen anything yet.

Avatar of Clown
Clown 4 months ago

Now that I think of it, with the new Tehachipi pass route, you should for sure 100% make some vintage west coast TOFC's, Spine cars, and wellcars. Like BN, ATSF, SP, and Sealand, etc.

Avatar of Jared
Jared 2 months ago

Any chance of making CSX ones for these?

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