Stevens Pass - Morning Z Train v1.1

Stevens Pass is an important artery of the BNSF's system, being the main thoroughfare for BNSF's hotshot "Z" trains between Chicago and Seattle. You were assigned to the daily morning Z-SSECHC today, with a crew call time of 2 AM. It's now just after 9:45, and you've got a long trip ahead. Don't fall asleep!


WJ Sound - Rolling Stock Sounds
Searchlight Simulations - Defect Detector, Track Flags, FRT 01
ABStudios - Freight Car Pack Vol. 1 (Also requires Monchito5's BNSF Maxi-Stacks)
Ragno - Viewliner Baggage

RSC - Marias Pass, BNSF Loco Pack, Dash 9 (Also requires TruRailSimulations H1 and H2 reskins), SD70 Vol 2 (Also requires TruRailSimulations BN Executive reskin), P42Pack01

Note: Due to the content included, this scenario may not function as intended or at all in 32-bit. Running the sim in 64-bit is highly recommended.


Installation Instructions

Simply move the included .zip file to your Railworks installation directory and unzip it.


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Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 5 days ago

Also requires UTSCreations Amtrak 50th Anniversary reskin pack) where do i get this?

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Avatar of EverettRailfan
EverettRailfan 5 days ago

In the next update I'll remove it though, felt it was too much heritage for one scenario lol.

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