MARC 20 Hybrid Raised Letter K5LA

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This is one of the best horns i made
It is forbidden to sell this horn


Installation Instructions

Unzip MARC_20 and copy and paste the folder into Assets\NJT_6050_SOUNDS
If you don't have my sounds folder NJT_6050_SOUNDS then create it
After you put the MARC_20 folder in my sounds folder copy the notepads and paste them into Assets\DTG\WashingtonBaltimore\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\MP36PH\External\Horn And Bell\Blueprints
and that's it

Tags: k5la marc mp36ph-3c northeast-corridor


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Avatar of Shawn ツ
Shawn ツ 1 Jun 2022

Can you use this mod for the Caltrain MP36PH-3C?

Avatar of NJT6050
NJT6050 4 Jun 2022

for what?
this mod is for the Washington Baltimore MP36

Avatar of NJT6050
NJT6050 4 Jun 2022

just copy and page the proxy there
Assets\DTG\CalTrain\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\MP36PH\External\Horn And Bell\Blueprints

Avatar of aiden0928
aiden0928 7 Jul 2022

Can you do an Metrolink Horn Bell For F59PH?

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25 May 2022
25 May 2022
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