TS22 Comet V K5LA Horn Replacement

Hello and thank you for viewing this mod.
This is a horn replacement for the current comet v cabcars in the game, the horn was taken from Metro North Cabcar #6701 which has a beautiful K5LA


Any of the NJ Transit dlc that feature the comet v cabcar

Installation Instructions

Instructions are in the readme file

Additional Comments

I take no credit in this mod, a big thank you to The Gln Rockian Railfan for letting me use his horn and let me convert it to the game.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRfX4XFiyiE
As always, if you run into any problems feel free to email me (tswtswgamer88@gmail.com) or discord em (OverWatch#6289)


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aiden0928 12 days ago

does it works for TAS NJCL Pack?

Avatar of 5StarGamer
5StarGamer 11 days ago

It will but if you have the TAS horns installed then they might be replaced with my horn

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