China HKSAR KCR EMU England 'Yellow Cab' E44 (GCC Class314 Livery)(Metro Cammell)


Another Update: Added the E44's carrige code (144,244,444 for 1st class). Added Red(2nd) and Yellow (1st) Door Step Marker at Body side with a grey underbody paint. Also added a Wheelchair Logo at the 2nd class cab as reference shows it does has a similar one IRL
This Livery was updated and fixed the wrong scale of the black/red belt and logo, it is now around the correct size. The colour of cab was adjust close toward orange as, according to the last set (E44), it should be closer to orange and the photos when Yellow Cab was in service might having a lighter colour due to technical at that time.
The EMU England, Yellow Cab, or Metro Cammell AC EMU, are was , and still was the backbone of KCR/MTR East Rail before and after it's refurbrishment and until the soon future it phrase out for the Hyundai Rotem 'R-Train' EMU. This livery reflect it's looking before the 1996 Mid-Life Refurbrishment.
EMU England arrived in 1982 after the MTR (Underground system at that time)'s M-Train (Metrol Cammell DC EMU) put in service for around 4 years. At the early period it was classified as Inner/Outer Suburban with Inner being 3-car 2nd class only and couple to each other in peak hour and Outer having 1st/2nd, 6-car, luggage and lavontary. They are send to destination by Southampton/Immingham to Rotterdam then shipped.
This big warning yellow is important consider before it arrived, East Rail was a signle track, diesel loco operated route without fence. It was impressive that before refurbrishment, it seems the train itself never caused accident directly (expect 1 as driver misread signal). After refurbrishment, only 6 accident was directly due to failure of train and some 9 due to weather/track or rail device failure/on purpose damage/collasion with birds/passenger luggage on fire.
The last suriver of this pre-refurbrishment, E44 set, are reported recieving repair from MTR such as refit door, bogie and other parts, source likely from dissambled Refurbrishment sets as the core part seems to be same.
Grab this eye-catching Red-Yellow-White livery to stand out from the Scotrail Blue on GCC, or run on the electrified area on GWE/B at 120kph.


Cathcart Circle Line DLC
Raging Lightning's TSW2 Livery Manager

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