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Find the Sectional Appendix at Network Rail's Website (Only the most recent 2 years copy kept on website)
Thank you @TheBritishAce for using this guide in the enclosed video, YES, WE GOT SOMEONE WHO KINDLY RECORDED A RUN! See https://youtu.be/qpd_yt1a1Cc?si=ISBLnI3tqGne7C-E
Thank you Profile picture of matin5598 matin5598 too

What is this?
Network Rail publish Sectional Appendix on their website, very good especially when DTG and 3rd parties themselves cannot/did not provide us any document to follow with.
HOWEVER, these sectional appendix could be out of date, meaning you cannot follow them blindly.
MOREOVER, sectional appendix does not come with additional info such as signal's position, brake point, but enclosed with jumpscare of station right outside tunnel.
HENCE, it will only work if player mark down these info.

Why you thought your version are GOOD ENOUGH TO BE PUBLISHED?
Well, nope, I publish it here as nobody else publish something similar that I can rely on.

What are those markings?
Wrote in P1 of the Fife ML files, but I shall explain it here for everyone.

S1=Signal, no. 1
A1=Approach Signal, no.1
D1=Departure Signal, no.1
SP=Special Signal (for various reason not really important to user), no.1
SA1=Signal, Approach Signal no.1 (when same signal indicating a through route on mainline and a diversion toward platform ('S')or a branch ('A'))
DA1=Departure Signal, Approach Signal, no.1 (when same signal act as the DEP signal for THIS station, AND also indicating APPR for the NEXT station)
Arrows where 1 point upward and another(or more) point at different direction=FEATHER SIGNAL
Arrows where there is only 1 and was NOT pointing upward=Curve direction indicator (Mostly when after a certain curve theres action to be taken)
B1=Brake, Step 1
40 ML=40 Mph Limit (board), either an action to be taken around the board, OR merely reminding to observe that particular board to help locate yourself
40 mph=40 mph (target), a target speed you should achieve by various means, most likely appear after a Bx (Brake, Step X) command
APPR=The core of this guide, APPR provide a set procedure you should follow to safely comes to a stop (not saying a PERFECT but at least not SPAD or completly overshot).

Dude I cant understand, give me example!
A1 APPR RIGHT CURVE END A1 Visible B2 40mph
Approach Signal, no.1, ATTENTION APPROACH PROCEDURE, AFTER curve to RIGHT comes to END, AND when A1 was VISIBLE, IMMEDIATELY Brake at Step 2, target at 40mph.

I did as above but then overshot at 40mph?
This guide doesnt guide you all the way to stop, you are on your own after target speed, most likely you will have visibility of platform once reached platform speed, so dont release the brake! Target speed was more like "Pray your wheel wont slip as you really need to stop very soon".

Can't read your handwriting at all
Sorry I typed too much, I can't write my name properly now :(

What was included?
1: Fife Circle (MainLine) (Upload 13.05.2024 1200, full section, but TOWARD Edinburgh only)
2: Fife Circle (Loop) (Upload 05.05.2024 1800, full section, but TOWARD Edinburgh only)


National Electronic Sectional Appendix - Network Rail

The National Electronic Sectional Appendix (NESA) contains detailed information useful to operators about network capability, as well as a considerable amount of other data. NESA is an electronic data source with significant advantages over a hard copy publication. These include: Across the network changes arise every week (from track renewals to major construction activity), which are published … Continued

Installation Instructions

These are in pdf form, just download and read them along your phone/pad/2nd monitor/printed form.
Be eco friendly and find some recycle paper if you have to print them out.

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