Derailed Alex coaches at München Hackerbrücke

This pretty simply made mod places two derailed Alex coaches at München Hackerbrücke mirroring the recent derailment during shunting of an empty train on the 25th of July 2022 just before 18:00 local time. Because the Bm waggon involved in the derailment is not available in TSW a modified Bpmmz with a converted Livery Designer creation by user mat0598 (aka. matin5598) holds its place. The Alex 780pza livery from that same pack was also used to recreate the single Dosto which derailed too.
Because this mod is more joke than serious I let some issues pass like the lack of collision with the coaches when in first person mode, the coaches not reacting to the snow level, the fake shadow below the coaches clipping through other objects just a little, and the material adding normal map based shading where it shouldn't. I hope you don't mind those issues and still enjoy the added scenery to Munich :P


  • Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg Route Add-On
  • DB BR 101 Loco Add-On
  • Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck Route Add-On

Tags: alex munchen munich scenery


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