Southeastern Class 465 Livery Pack

A Southeastern Livery Pack for the Class 465/9 with different variants worn by the 465 during its "Southeastern" years

The following liveries included are:

  • Southeastern Yellow doors with grey skirt
  • Southeastern Blue doors with no skirt
  • Southeastern Full yellow doors with no skirt
  • Southeastern Blue doors with blue underframe


Class 465 Addon

Installation Instructions

To install these, you must use RagingLightning's Livery Manager.

Additional Comments

update, i've included another blue door variant of the 465 with a dark blue underframe

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Avatar of RedBandit
RedBandit one year ago

Thanks for the different types of liveries!

Avatar of ionutmineadaniel
ionutmineadaniel one year ago

Can I upload a Southereastern Blue livery 465 just like the one on the 375 I made it using Southeastern Blue doors with no skirt

Avatar of Clancy_The_Railfan
Clancy_The_Railfan one year ago

Can You Possibly Make some Weathered Versions?

Avatar of SprattyHeath
SprattyHeath one year ago

Weathered versions are not really that easy to do with livery editor im afraid.

Avatar of BAZINGA
BAZINGA one year ago

Good Job

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