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My first foray into using the editor has (almost unintentionally) resulted in an Enhancement Pack for Goblin Line. My aim is to release it today but am just waiting on another element to go into it before I can upload it. There will likely be more to come in the future but I feel it’s now substantial enough to warrant releasing it.

In the meantime, a little 'before and after' teaser of some of the things included.


In addition to what can be seen in the video there is/are;

  • Animated leaves in the fall hazard areas
  • Much more graffiti along the route
  • Enhancements to lineside foliage etc in the few places it was bare
  • Extra clutter along the whole route
  • Animated Seagulls at appropriate places along the length of the route

It includes Bescot's brilliant lighting timers (and his fix for the shop fronts right up against the overbridge) as well as a little surprise from SprattyHeath (which will follow in an update - it will be worth the wait!)

Requires Just Trains Blackpool-Preston-Ormskirk route for the traffic lights to be visible


To get the most from this EP

To get the most from this EP


GoblinEnhancements.pak 287 KB · Added 18 days ago · Downloaded 605×


Avatar of choo_choo_charlie
choo_choo_charlie 18 days ago

Hello JetWash, Bescot, and SprattyHeath

This route is very nice. Thank you for the mod to bring even more life to it!
Can't wait for the other update for it to come!! Awesome!


Avatar of advancearrow
advancearrow 7 days ago

Amazing! When you update this mod you might want to consider changing the PIDs at barking riverside to white instead of orange, how they really are.

Avatar of SprattyHeath
SprattyHeath 7 days ago

This is not possible sadly

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