China HKSAR KCR Railway 1996s EMD G26CU 'No.60 Peter Quick' Diesel Locomotive (GP38 SPG Livery)


G26CU are the version of G26 purchased by KCR and Tunisia Railway. G26 are 2000hp locomotive designed by EMD and build in USA,Canada and Australia. Likely the 3 G26s KCR recieved are Austrian product, similar to the previous G12/16. The 3 locomotives are No 60, 61 and 62 with 60 named 'Peter Quick', CEO of KCR at 1980s. Weird thing is I never saw a picture with 60 having any name tag, how is it named loco if without a name tag on it?
KCR had 3 types of livery on American Locos--1st Gen Green livery before KCR was converted from Official Department to Company, 2nd Gen Shallow Grey(Blue) before Electrification and 3rd Gen Red-White-Blue at 1996s when KCR modernized the Electric Loco Fleet---Click here ( for the original livery of EMUs and here ( for modernized.
Red-White-Blue was not the official way to describe this livery, I say so as this term was also meaning Red-White-Blue laundry bag, a classic design of city. I wonder if KCR ever noticed the livery could be explain as so.
This livery had a Red Body, White Cab and Blue Step. If you look at top, the blue area are exactly the area you can step on.
G26 CUs are now waiting for sale (and likely scrap), ER20 EuroRunners will take over their duty---Not much anyway since KCR had already lost the freight department, Diesels are working as engineering set.
See here ( for the ER20 livery---we don't got a mainline diesel of german yet. Once there are available I can rebuild the livery with proper vehicle.
Note: Moved to Historic consider the G26CU and GP38 are both EMD's product (well, at least a bit similar if you are not familiar with American Loco...
1.1: Add weathered version


Sand Patch Grade (SPG) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager


Installation Instructions

See this video:

Additional Comments

The Dependencies are NOT dependent but the liveries directly related to KCR livery in American's DLC.

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RF_CSXGP38-2;KCR G26CU (GP38).tsw2liv 24 KB · Downloaded 48×
RF_CSXGP38-2;KCR G26CU Weather (GP38).tsw2liv 26 KB · Downloaded 16×


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