China CR ShaoShan SS9 'Frog' 0001 (DRA BR 146 Livery)


SS9 is the last generation of the ShaoShan Series DC Motor Electric Locomotives, also being the last generation of such vehicles on CR's Network. With a Max Speed of 170kph, 286/169kW (Start/Continuous) and 5400/4800kW, it is capable of fulfill the target of CR's 5th Speed Up Campaign on the 160kph routes.
This SS9 is the early design with 43 as a fleet. SS9 has an improvement version called SS9G (Gai, Improve).
This specific SS9 is the 0001 of ShangHai Group's ShangHai Depot. 0001 had reached 190kph durning test.
'Frog' was a nickname specific to the early design as the blue/green livery it carried.


Nahverkehr Dresden (DRA) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager


Installation Instructions

See this video:

Additional Comments

Some other liveries related on German Network in Dependencies, it is NOT really a must to use

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RF_DRA_DB_BR146-2;CR SS9 [Frog] (DRA 146.2).tsw2liv 65 KB · Downloaded 33×


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