KCR Lok 2000 (Re 465) 'KTT' TLS 002 (NECNYT ALP 46 Livery)

The serious description of KTT, a train that existed IRL, could be find at https://www.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c3-train-sim-world/c16-reskins/c88-other-countries/i1028-kcr-lok-2000-re-465-ktt-tln-001br-182-livery
This time we slap the KTT livery on the ALP46 just so we got a proper loco hauling a proper double decker which was available at https://www.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c3-train-sim-world/c16-reskins/c88-other-countries/i3976-kcr-ktt-kinki-sharyo-double-decker-necnyt-bombardier-multi-level-coach-livery
It does feels working surprisingly fine, mostly due to how the double decker behind being sizeable enough that it match the real KTT.


Northeast Corridor: New York - Trenton (NECNYT) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW3 Livery Manager


Installation Instructions

See this Video:
NOTICE: TSW3LM works without issue in TSW4. contact RagingLighting on TSC Discord if you need support
Also note I suggest this can work in TSW3 but I have no idea if it was actually the case, report if it brokes in 3

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KCR Lok 2000 (NYT ALP46) for RF_NYT_NJT_ALP-46.tsw3 454 KB · Added 27 Oct 2023 · Downloaded 61×


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27 Oct 2023
27 Oct 2023
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Northeast Corridor: New York - Trenton
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