Indiana Railroad livery for SPG GP38-2

As it turns out, fixing a reskin is not a lot easier than making one from scratch, but anyways we're here now.
The GP38-2 from Pennisula Corridor might be a closer match for the INRD ones regarding the exterior, but I chose the CSX one because I think the sand patch grade environment is closer to the real environment where these trains run. Might make a copy with the UP one though.
Thanks @KCRC_Railway for copying the file so that I don't have to start from zero again.

This reskin is also available on CC.

Installation Instructions

Install with TSW3 Livery manager.

Tags: gp38-2 indiana-railroad sand-patch-grade usa


INRD GP38-2 (SPG) for RF_CSXGP38-2.tsw3 2 MB · Added 1 Dec 2022 · Downloaded 227×


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1 Dec 2022
1 Dec 2022
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